The 9th annual Up With Art event was held last month at Museum London, and I was invited to document guests arriving, mingling and picketing the graffiti wall. 


It was very hard to narrow it down but above you’ll find all my personal-fave photos from the event. But wait, there’s lots more! I’ll link you to full photo albums by Museum London below.

This was my first year attending Up With Art and learning about the cause. It's also the first year Museum London has partnered up with Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness to host the event and help raise funds by way of art silent auctions / donations for the relief of homelessness in London. This year the raised 150k and everyone had a terrific time by the looks of it. 


Event Info:

Up With Art

April 27th  2019  

Museum London, London ON

More Pics:

Graffiti Wall Photos by kPod Media, x23 
(Graffiti Wall artwork by Diana Tamblyn)

Guests Arriving - Step and Repeat by kPod Media x49

Up With Art 2019, x130 
(kPod Media photos mixed with photos by Agata Lesnik)


All photography rights reserved ©kPodMedia

All photography rights reserved ©kPodMedia 2020