SIDEMAN opening for Legal Kill

I don’t think I’ve seen SIDEMAN before, and they’ve been around for like, 4 years? So, I was very caught off guard and pleasantly surprised as I got closer and closer to the stage only to discover this Beastie Boys throwback group is Justis and Ross. Of course it is.

I remember seeing Justis Krar everyday on the 4 Oxford during my first year at Fanshawe, like he was the only thing to look at on the bus (young Bob Dylan vibes thru-n-thru); before I caught up to Single Mothers, the band, a few years later. I’m pretty sure we’ve still never had a conversation…?
Cheers to people you just ‘see around’ forever. 

Event Info:

Legal Kill / SIDEMAN / Bad Words

February 1, 2019 

at Call the Office

London, ON 

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