Kangaroo Variety: A Live Talk Show For Creative Thinkers was made over and re-launched last year by the local arts and variety enthusiast Andrew Weiss. Backed by the Innovation Works venue for the first two events, the third and final show in 2018 was so cleverly moved to B13 - The Baker's Dozen creatives / art / vending space on Dundas St.

I didn’t get out to many events this year, but this one climbed to the top of the list very fast. The lighting was coloured to perfection, and all performances were stellar.

It was my first time in this space and first-in-a-while seeing so many familiar faces in one room. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been rusty in showing myself up to events. There were some very kind strangers who introduced themselves to me the moment I arrived and I was so excited to start shooting that I didn’t realize they were notable guests and performance artists, and I let a couple friendly networking moments swipe right by me.


I'm determined to incorporate more interest and research within the finer details of the events I cover. I don’t often use the term photo-journalist to describe myself, but there’s no harm in having the story behind every photo either. I also don’t want to miss any opportunities to learn something more from the people I’m there to capture. 


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Event Info:
Kangaroo Variety A Live Talk Show For Creative Thinkers

December 14th 2018
B13 the Baker's Dozen
613 Dundas, London ON
@kangaroovariety | IG & FB

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