There were some colourful eye catchers at the opening exhibition for Heads & Sanaugavut. 

But "Company" (the shoes) by artist Vanessa Maltese, is without a doubt the prize-winner (in my eyes; though, there were no prizes given). You can't tell by just looking, but the shoes are made from bronze cast and aluminum then painted to look as real as they do. They were modelled after shoes belonging to the artists' personal acquaintances and are laid out in such a way that made me feel like I'm arriving late to a party and everything must be happening in the next room. You have to see them for real, you can also checkout links to her website (above) for more detailed closeups.

It's always a treat to attend these receptions at McIntosh! This exhibition will be showing May 3rd through June 16th 2019

Event Info: 
Opening Reception: Heads & Sanaugavut: Art from Kinngain

Curated by Sky Glabush & Nakasuk Alariaq
May 3rd 2019
McIntosh Gallery, Western University
London Ontario

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