Being invited to photograph the opening receptions at McIntosh Gallery is always a delight.

This particular day was one of the coldest in January, and I'm feeling the theme of icy winter hues being carried out through this exhibit & these pics. 

There was much to take in; I noticed guests really spending their time with some of the larger pieces like the undeniable presence of  Cloud Cell by Artist Xiaojing Yan and the curious ingredients of the featured works "“Add two tins[...]" and "The telephone melted [...]  by Artist Catherine Telford-Keogh.


My personal fave was "Foil Problem" by featured Artist Sandy Plotnikoff. I have a soft spot for metallic textures and there's something about her pieces that ring to the original Pogs and Slammers of my days on the playground. Instant attraction. 


For more information on the featured works, artists and curators of this exhibit please follow the linked sources below.

Event Photography Info:

Guests observing artwork at the opening reception for:
Glimmers of the Radiant Real <--- See for all featured artists profiles
McIntosh Gallery <--- See for all exhibit info through McIntosh
Western University Campus,
London, ON

January 20 2019


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